A groom ditched one of his ushers because he didn’t want his long hair spoiling the photos and the internet was united

Over on the ‘Am I The Asshole’ bit of Reddit where people come and check, you know, whether they’re the asshole (arsehole, if you insist) or not comes this tale of a guy who was all lined up to be an usher at a friend’s wedding.

And then this happened. Here’s what Redditor pepsilite827 had to say.


Plenty of bridezillas on these pages over the years but we reckon this chap might be our first groomzilla.

And the internet was united in declaring that no, the groomsman with the long hair was definitely NOT the asshole.

‘NTA f*ck that! what a sh*tty friend.’ n0may0

‘I couldn’t agree with you more. There seems to be an obsession with this, mostly in American weddings. Each person is a human being, not a prop. If you want everyone to look the same get some blowup dolls and leave the normal people out of it.’ yabadabadoo80

And we liked the payoff to this little discussion.

‘Not trying to be rude or attack you, it’s a genuine question, but what’s the deal with brides/grooms wanting some weird uniformity between the party? (General examples: all men short hair, clean shaven; all girls long hair, not dyed fantasy colors, stuff like that). I get wanting for all of them to dress the same/similar way, but to police things about personal style? I’d love to see each persons personality shine through as long as they’re presentable. For them to all look like exact copies of each other is kind of weird and personally ugly.’ aokaga

‘So that the maids&men look nice, but fade uniformly into the background so as not to upstage the newly married couple.’ ViscyBan

‘I’ve never looked at a wedding photo and thought “Wow, who got married here? It might be the woman in the wedding dress and the man in a tux she’s with, but there’s also this guy with a beard so I just can’t tell”‘ BericsPrivateer

And it all begged the response, if you’re that bothered about what your guests look like, don’t invite any.


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