This guy spent the wedding money on his dog and his fiancée’s not happy, not happy at all

What’s the internet for if it’s not asking the world for advice over a terrible relationship dilemma you’ve landed yourself in?

Who else you going to ask – family and close friends? Yeah, right.

So it’s a Redditor called Unsurebigbig who went on Reddit (obviously) after he really, really upset his wife-to-be by spending a big chunk of the wedding money on his dog.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, you’ll be glad to know. Here goes …

The internet was divided – of course it was! – and here are a few of our favourite comments.

‘I’m not going to say don’t get married, but definitely don’t get married until you’ve resolved this. If you combine your finances after the wedding, how will she react if you have to spend more money on your dog (either this dog or a future dog)?’ Qjfomentl

‘Didn’t you talk about your finances before? Maybe that’s a bit european, but we wouldn’t even think about “yours” or “mine”. And absolutely not for a dog. Get your rules about finances clear. And to be honest: I couldn’t go with a person who uses ignoring as a punishment. You want this?’ justjaythings

‘It seems like she is more upset that he didn’t even discuss it with her. He made a huge purchase without considering her feelings on the matter or even talking to her about it first. Everyone is saying she’s horrible but at the same time he never even gave her the chance to think about it and say okay let’s do the surgery, because on a realistic level, cancer in dogs is almost always a death sentence, chemo does not remove it, it only extends their lifespan by a short while and usually they are miserable, he’s already 10 years old and many dogs that old of a large breed do not handle surgery well. There are lots of pros and cons.’ SummerAndTinklesBFF

‘Not just a dog. This is not about the dog but about things that are very important to him and insignificant to her. This is a big red flag. There are frivolous expenses and there are things very important to sb.’ ladyvinaigrette


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