Iain Duncan Smith compared Brexit to the Reformation and the takedowns were historic

Arch Brexiter, Iain Duncan Smith is one of those politicians they wheel out when an awful policy needs defending, having championed the “bedroom tax” and cuts to welfare benefits, whilst coming out against taxing bankers’ bonuses. Naturally, he’s the perfect spokesperson for the idea of Brexit at any cost, which he promoted in a recent Telegraph column.

This is the heading they went with.

It sums up this section of the article.

“I am not alone as seeing this moment in a similar light to the Reformation.

That first break with Rome was the making of this country.

Freed from the shackles of what had become a corrupt organisation, the concept of our island nation emerged, supreme and self-governing.

From that moment, our buccaneering global nature was given free rein with astonishing results as the UK grew to influence the rest of the world.”

It practically has Elgar playing in the background; we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he slowly raised a Union Jack as he read the final proof. Of course, as is so often the case when MPs make bold pronouncements, there were some issues with his analogy, and historian Simon Schama was on hand to point them out.

Whilst his fellow historian, Greg jenner, had a more heartfelt reaction.

The inevitable barrage of takedowns followed.









Author and LBC presenter, James O’Brien, may have put his finger on the precise reason the article was written in the first place.

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