A comedy sketch from 1996 nails Brexit so totally it’s a little disturbing

The combination of the two Johns – Bird and Fortune – with Rory Bremner, produced top-class political comedy back in the 80s, 90s and early this century, via shows including Now Something Else and Bremner, Bird and Fortune. A recurring slot was given to a series of two-handed interview sketches, such as this one, in which John Bird assumes the character of George Parr, a Tory Eurosceptic.

It’s quite uncanny.

Although none of the current crop of Brexiters would be so upfront, his convoluted way of avoiding questions is note perfect, and the sketch could have been made this week, rather than twenty-three years ago. For example, how many times have we heard a close approximation of this?

“The European Court of Human Rights, as we know, is a puppet of the European Union …”

“The European Court of Human Rights has got nothing to do with the European Union, does it?”

“Well, that doesn’t alter my argument.”

Or …

“So, obviously, what’s most important to you is the idea of sovereignty …”

“Well, no. What’s the most important thing is hating foreigners.”

Boris Johnson parody account, @BorisJohnson_MP shared the old clip, with this swipe at the real Johnson.

People were a little taken aback at how spot on it was.

However, one person felt Boris Johnson wouldn’t have been inspired by George Parr at all.

Let’s not put any ideas in his head.

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