A married man went on Tinder for ‘fun’ and was matched with his wife and it’s peak awkward

You might think this chap got exactly what he deserved, a married man who went on Reddit to share how he went on Tinder for ‘fun’ while his wife was away and found himself matched with … his wife.

It’s quite the tale.

So much to unravel there we had to read it twice to work out what exactly the hell went on.

He asked for advice and it’s fair to say he got it, with nearly 3,000 responses on Reddit last time we looked. Here are a few favourites.

Hennythepainaway – ‘You guys seem like a good match’

fuber – ‘She prob downloaded Tinder on a particularly lonely night. She didn’t even know why. She didn’t have any intentions. But she did it’

TheWetlanders – ‘”I don’t know why. I didn’t have any intentions.” Bull motherfucking shit.’

Pegasuspirates – Sounds like this is a place where no one can be upset. You guys just need to sit down and have an honest conversation about things. And you said you weren’t on their for anything but…. Going straight to tinder cause you’re lonely is a liiiiittle sketch. But also be prepared for her not to trust you either because after all you were on tinder too even if you had no intentions. You know how it will look from her end. This will be an interesting conversation….. Good luck.’

umameroni – ‘Man next time you’re bored just go on Reddit.’


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