Cassetteboy’s Pet Shop Boys vs Theresa May mash-up is the send-off she truly deserves

Music and comedy duo, Cassetteboy, have a unique way of taking a swipe at political egos, with their cleverly mixed edits of politicians’ own words, sometimes set to music. One piece from their set, Theresa May’s “strong and stable” take on the Pet Shop Boys’ West End Girls seems like a fitting way to say goodbye to her as she hands over to Boris Johnson whoever wins the leadership election.

She should have mentioned that she was strong and stable; things might have turned out better for her.

As always, the duo’s insightful comedy has not gone unappreciated.

And, as Twitter user H0agh commented,

We can’t leave it without taking a look at how Cassetteboy honoured Boris Johnson’s leadership bid.

Now, let’s all go and find some mind bleach.

Source: Cassetteboy

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