This actor’s valiant attempt to film a monologue was hilariously thwarted by his mum

Actor Nathan Collins may have a bright future ahead of him in the theatre or on the screen; he has the training, he has the headshots – unfortunately, he also has help from his mum. He recently posted a clip of an attempt to record himself in character, which might have gone more smoothly, were it not for his mum playing the part of Steven Spielberg a little too unconvincingly.

We’re torn between sympathy for Nathan’s frustration and amusement at each inevitable act of accidental sabotage by his mum, but we’re mostly coming down on the side of amusement. People loved his clip, stopping by with these comments.

After sharing the hilarious footage online, Nathan posted this update:

We would absolutely watch the sh_t out of that. Actor, Jonathan Andrew Hume saw some unplanned potential in the video.

He could be onto something.

Source: @Collins97Nath