This bride demanded all her bridesmaids be the same height and she wins bridezilla of the week

It’s been a good (or possibly that should be bad) week for bridezillas – must be the heat – but we think this one might top the lot.

As these things often do, this one turned up in the pages of Reddit after Redditor wingkingdom felt the need to call her out for her outrageous behaviour.

And you’ll see why.

Possibly she should employ a team of stilt walkers for training purposes.

For a sensible response to this nuptials madness, look no further than SquareChick who had this to say

‘As a stripper who’s spent the last 15 years wearing that exact shoe for minimum of 8 hours a day, 3-4 days a week: fuck wearing them if you don’t have training or someone to hang onto.

‘They’re not light, a little piece of gravel or popcorn hull could put you on your knees just like a bump from a tipsy guest can end your night in the emergency room. Those shoes are made for runway walking and stage dancing.

‘I can’t believe someone would ask someone to wear these shoes to a wedding. Weddings are all day affairs, and bridesmaids are expected to do stuff and you can’t do it tottering around in heels you hate.

‘Shit MY feet kill me after work and I’m used to it, asking her to do it AND all the other stuff is just awful.’

So that’s a no, then.


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