The Simpsons opening sequence gets its bleakest makeover with a Russian art film version

The opening sequence of the animated hit, The Simpsons, is among the most recognisable of all time, with its slight variation and the recurring themes of Bart writing lines on a chalkboard and how the family ends up on the couch.
There’ve been a few dark versions of the sequence, such as the Banksy-created one in which Asian sweatshop workers made Simpsons merchandise, but a tribute – or parody – version dreamt up by Russian animation account, Lenivko Kvadratjić (Lazy Square), must be the bleakest take yet.

Perhaps the most chilling thing of all – and the bar is set high – is that we see Lisa being approached by baton-slapping police or security figures, before she fails to turn up for the iconic family sofa conclusion.

However, the blood spattered close is, perhaps, less brutal than many Itchy and Scratchy sequences that made it into the actual broadcast.

These are a few of the best comments from viewers:

If you need to wipe those images from your brain, here’s a brilliantly crafted “live” version of the usual sequence.

Source: Lazy Square