Michael Spicer has applied the “Room next door” treatment to Trump – and it’s simply hilarious

Comedian and actor, Michael Spicer has hit on a winning formula for making fun of public figures who speak out of turn on camera, with his take on how an aide might have been feeding them lines and reacting in the room next door. He’s already nailed Boris Johnson’s car crash “I paint buses” interview, plus the excruciating Dalai Lama sexism moment, and he’s turned his brutal wit onto Donald Trump.

We imagine Donald Trump “Room next door” sketches could be a full-time job for Michael, but it probably wouldn’t be good for his state of mind.

Here are a few of the comments he’s received for the brilliant takedown.

Someone pointed out something with which we simply can’t disagree.

It’s almost worth the consequences of having embarrassingly incompetent politicians.

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