This hilarious Bad Lip Reading of Trump at the G20 summit makes more sense than the real thing

The stand-out Trump moment of the G20 summit involved not Donald, but his daughter, Ivanka, who was there at her father’s request to discuss women’s issues. However, having berated various countries in the run-up to the conference, all eyes were on Trump as he met with other world leaders, giving the very funny Bad Lip Reading crew plenty to work with – and they absolutely nailed it.

“Hey, ever eat a poodle?”

“I looked at some foreign stuff here, like – I think – a giant eagle.”

“Most disturbingly, I found out that ketchup isn’t really from an animal.”

All of these seem more reasonable than these things he has actually said:

“My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.”

“Obama founded ISIS.”

“The United States right now has among the cleanest climates there are based on all statistics … And it’s even getting better.”

As one viewer commented,

It could be worse – he could be the leader of the free world …oh!

Source: Bad Lip Reading
H/T: Mashable

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