This woman’s riposte to the Sun after it said this about her efforts to learn Welsh is 10/10

A woman called Geordan Burress has gone viral after she launched a very satisfying riposte to a piece the Sun wrote about her and her efforts to learn Welsh.

And here’s a little bit of what it said.

An American woman who devoted eight years to learning fluent Welsh has got nobody to talk to because hardly anybody speaks it in the US.

Geordan Burress, 28, said: “I have only met one other American who speaks Welsh and he lives in Wales.”

And that’s, er, well there’s not much more than that.

It’s fair to say Geordan wasn’t entirely happy with the angle they took so decided to do something about it. Here’s what she said.

And there was heaps of praise and apologies in about equal measure.

And it’s fair to say Welsh Twitter wasn’t taking it too Kindly either.

If you’re wondering how she ended up talking to the Sun in the first place …