This story about £250 school uniforms went viral but not because of how much the uniforms cost

A local newspaper in Hull had a story about a mum who spent £250 on each of her two children’s school uniforms.

Hull mum who spends £250 on each child’s school uniform says ‘it’s worth every penny’

But it wasn’t the amount of money she spent that made the story go viral.

This is.

It’s fair to say they are quite unusual names, yes, and it prompted no end of response on Twitter.

But it’s not quite as it appears, according to the children’s parents who told Mail Online the kids’ names had nothing to do with drinks.

Their son, Jackdaniel, 11, was in fact named after a Canadian running icon, Jack Daniels, and they say daughter TiaMarie was given her name after the family holidayed in Spain, where it’s a popular female christian name.

So now you know. But Tesco, it appears, was having none of it (scroll to the bottom).