Someone’s grandma borrowed the rubber “socks” she found in his drawer – cue awkwardness

It can be a bit annoying when family members borrow our stuff without asking, but none of us would want our grandmas to have to put up with chilly feet. When Japanese tweeter, @analKABAO‘s grandmother went through his drawer, however, she found something very different – here’s how he shared what happened.

The tweet seems to have lost a little in translation, so if you know better than the Translate function, feel free to help us out.

He shared a video of the excruciating moment.

In case it isn’t apparent, those aren’t socks on grandma’s feet, they’re a matching pair of sex toys – and we’re trying not to wonder why he has two of them. Of course, he couldn’t leave them where they were, so he helped her take them off – with difficulty.

So, @analKABAO understandably decided he didn’t want to keep the sex toys, but less understandably offered them free to a good home.


We can’t imagine anybody will take him up on the offer, but it is the internet, so you never know. We just hope that anyone who plans to use them gives them a good wash, because – you know – athlete’s foot.

Source: @analKABAO

H/T: Bored Panda

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