Finally, Sir Michael answers the age-old question – Who is better: Julian Caesar or Noel Armstring?

That very funny good man of the parish, Sir Michael – @Michael1979 – often deals with the issues others don’t want to face, such as people blatantly ignoring the rules of the church.

Or potential anti-social behaviour that people may not have spotted.

Now, he’s finally come up with a definitive answer to a question that must have been plaguing us all …who is better out of Julian Caesar and Noel Armstring?

And a closer look:

“Stubbornly refused to experiment with stab-proof togas” is a statement with which no historian could disagree.

There were a couple of dissenters, who didn’t appreciate Michael’s brilliant assessment of the issues, and a vicious rumour sprang up.

Another step towards heaven for Sir Michael.

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