People – well, men – are unhappy with this fact about lions

We’ve probably all seen Disney’s The Lion King by now, with its image of a pride of lions as the big boss male, benevolently watching over and protecting his females and cubs, whilst keeping the other males in their place – below him yet more powerful than the lionesses. But that’s a misrepresentation of the real gender roles of lions, as this post shows.

Science journalist, Erin Biba‘s posts were well received by those in the know.

But there was a certain demographic coming into Erin’s mentions to complain and criticise – A.M.O.T.I. (Angry Men On The Internet).

There were so many men crying in the replies, Erin shared a few of the “best”.

As if by magic, more men turned up to disagree with the world’s foremost expert on lions.

Let’s just leave this here shall we …

Source: Erin Biba