There were some very British replies to this devout Catholic’s denunciation of London

It began – at least, we think it began – when the UK gay and lesbian immigration group thanked Guardian columnist Owen Jones for joining them on their march.

There’s Owen on the right.

And then someone called Huburtus Venator on Twitter joined in. We don’t know a lot about them, but their Twitter bio is informative (sort of).

“With justice he judges and wages war.”, Apocalypse 19:11: Viva Cristo Rey! #Catholic nation-state identitarian

Anyway, this is what they had to say.

And we’re glad they did, only because it prompted some very British – and very satisfying – replies, of which these are our favourites.

And, as this person pointed out, it’s not exactly new.

And last word to Owen Jones.


Owen Jones had the perfect riposte to this troll on Twitter