This story of a man in an “I love Brexit” T-shirt at Glastonbury has a hilarious twist

It’s fair to say that the general vibe of Glastonbury is a fairly socially liberal one, so it’s not somewhere you’d be likely to see a MAGA cap, for instance, or an “I love Brexit” T-shirt, like the one worn by this man at the heart of a Daily Mail article.

It’s not a big surprise that the Glastonbury crowd were largely inclined to live and let live, nor that Daily Mail commenters have obviously not read the article properly, if at all, but there was a surprise in store, and @DMReporter dug that out, too.

For the sake of accuracy, The DM Reporter posted one clarification.

So …they said the man wished to remain anonymous, but the man in question was the author of the piece, whose name was included, and they confirmed that it was the same person in a caption? Got it.


This is how tweeters reacted to the whole thing.

It seems the tactics came straight from the wider Murdoch playbook.

What a shocker.

H/T: @DMReporter