These British-themed Captchas inject fun into proving you’re not a robot

More websites are turning to pictorial Captchas these days, involving such things as clicking on every picture that shows a road sign, or a bus, or a shop front – it’s riveting stuff. Funny tweeter, Gareth Bellamy, has come up with something much more entertaining, as long as you’re very familiar with British culture. Could you prove your humanity with these?

There’s a Vic and Bob Captcha.

Choo, choo, choose Michael Portillo.

Don’t you want a classic Human League album option, baby?

You will select this only once …

Can you detect the Bergerac characters?

Bet you didn’t ex-spectre Captcha like this.

Gareth’s British Captchas have gone down well on Twitter, as these comments show:

Someone named @soapachu pointed out an unexpected bonus for some of the population.

Think of the money you’d save.

Source: Gareth Bellamy