This guy’s Tinder date walked out after he suggested splitting the bill and the karmic justice that followed is glorious

Online dating can be a minefield and it’s fair to say no matter what people say on their profiles, or send you in their messages, you really have no idea of the sort of person you are going to meet.

Fortunately for all concerned, the tricky first date doesn’t always end up as badly as it did for a Redditor called RustedCornHole who went on the sub-reddit Am I The Asshole – does what it says on the tin – to ask this.

And the almost unanimous response from the good people of Reddit was … no, he would not be an arsehole. Or asshole, if you insist.

This was the most popular responses and it pretty much sums it up.

And while everyone was getting angry on his behalf – and rightly so – there was an update, and very beautiful it was too.

Everyone loves a happy ending. Plus: always pay your half of the bill.