People are comparing how Tory MPs react differently to male and female protestors

Only one story in town today, Tory MP and government minister Mark Field’s reaction when a female Greenpeace activist interrupted the chancellor’s Mansion House dinner.

And amid the shock and outrage there were also a number of people defending his actions – she could have been a security risk, right?

Which got the Guardian’s Peter Walker comparing how Conservative MPs react when the intruder is a man – and a woman.

Just in case you missed the launch of Esther McVey’s so-called Tory leadership bid, see if you can spot the Conservative MPs frogmarching the protester out of the room?

Here’s more of what Walker had to say.

It wasn’t the first Conservative party event to be interrupted by a man. Remember this?

Look at all those Tory MPs rushing to intervene!

And here’s what ITV’s Paul Brand, whose video of last night’s incident went viral, had to say about it.


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