This grandmother’s impassioned plea on knife crime told the Question Time panel some harsh truths

Last year’s crime figures show fatal stabbings at the highest rate since records began, with most victims being young and male. Large cities, such as London, have been particularly badly affected, with more than 30 knife-related fatal attacks this year alone.

On this week’s Question Time, the panel faced this question:

One audience member, who has 14 grandchildren, made this powerful speech to the panel on the very real and inescapable pain of living with the threat of attacks.

“What is it going to take for the MPs to sit down and say something has got to be done?”

“Has it got to be your son or your daughter that’s got to be killed for you to deal with it?”

“We are fed up of seeing our parents crying. As adults we are not supposed to be burying our children, our children are supposed to be burying us”

“You lot don’t give a damn about nobody, other than yourselves.

People both in the audience with her and watching at home were impressed and moved by her words.

Finally, Nick Harvey voiced this popular opinion.