This sticker on a men’s baby-changing station is peak toxic masculinity

By a curious quirk of biology, men can be parents too, and – brace yourselves – can take the child out, unaccompanied by a woman. Shocking, I know! This is why it can only be a good thing that more men’s public toilets are introducing changing stations, for the convenience (pun intended) of dad and baby alike.

Unfortunately, not everybody appreciates this innovation, as this sticker shows.

We can only wonder at what kind of bitterness was behind the creation of such stickers, and muse on where else they might turn up – on pink shirts, on men’s moisturiser, on the forehead of the man who steps into Theresa May’s shoes? Not literally.

The prime example of toxic masculinity has rightly been torn down, metaphorically.

Dads had stories of what it’s like to manage without decent facilities.


Some people just wanted to vent about the guy who posted the sticker.