Newsreader Simon McCoy wasn’t where the cameras expected him to be – and it’s just glorious

The BBC’s Simon McCoy is a consummate professional, even when he’s cocking up, or at the end of his tether, because he just gets on with it. We can’t say we don’t enjoy his gaffes, like the time he carried a pack of printer paper out instead of an iPad, and we especially love his attitude to Royal babies.

On Monday, he had a little trouble finding his mark for the start of the afternoon news broadcast – here’s what happened.

It could have been his error or it could have been a camera problem, either way, we are very much here for his obvious amusement and the complete lack of fucks given. What a guy. Here are a few of the reactions from Twitter.

Just beautiful. Because we can’t stop watching these things, here he is having a fit of the giggles over a plane that landed in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf.

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