Nigel Farage’s Jo Brand fury doesn’t ring true with his own words from 2017 and it’s perfect

You’ll have seen by now how very, very angry Nigel Farage is with Jo Brand and the BBC after her ‘battery acid’ joke on Radio 4.

And there were lots of people highlighting what Farage once said about picking up rifles in 2017.

Just in case you don’t remember it.

But the best bit is what Farage (via his spokesman) had to say to journalists who covered the story in 2017.

‘It’s very clear from the laughing demeanour that Nigel was talking about a ‘frontline return’ to politics using metaphors.

‘Any attempt to take his jocular words out of context would be both unfair and in vain.

‘UKIP is a liberal democratic party consistently in favour of free speech and opposed to any type of violence. And of course, you already know that.’

To conclude …


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