Favourite 5 responses to today’s Telegraph front page about Telegraph columnist Boris Johnson

No-one is more excited (with the possible exception of Boris Johnson) by the prospect of Boris Johnson becoming PM than the Daily Telegraph.

It devoted its entire front page to the Tory leader wannabe’s launch and the ‘prime minister in waiting’.

Here’s how Allison Pearson’s front page commentary begins.

‘Oh, thank God, the overwhelming sense of relief! After three years of being led (and misled) by a stooping, scuttling wraith of a Prime Minister, after the misery of constipation with no laxatives, after abject humiliation and Nervous Nellies and national shame and speak-your-weight sound bites and Project Fear and oh dear, oh dear we have forgotten what optimism feels like, here comes Boris.’

And these 5 responses pretty much nail it.






But perhaps the best response, the very best response, came from this guy, in reply to BBC journalist Neil Henderson.