Donald Trump asked about his favourite author is a very funny and revealing read

Donald Trump asked about his favourite author confirms everything you ever thought about him.

It’s from an old CNN interview and it’s very funny and very revealing.

‘One of my favorite moments in archival CNN footage was Trump asked his favorite author on Crossfire in the 1980s,’ wrote @KFILE on Twitter (in a tweet that’s since been deleted).

And because that’s very difficult to read …

Pat Buchanan: Who are your favourite authors?

Donald Trump: Well, I have a number of favourite authors. I think Tom Wolfe is excellent.

PB: Did you read Vanity of the Bonfires.

DT: I did not.

PB: Bonfire of the Vanities, excuse me.

Tom Braden: What book are you reading now?

DT: I’m reading my own book again because I think it’s so fantastic.

PB: What’s the best book you’re read beside Art of the Deal?

DT: I really like the Tom Wolfe last book. And I think he’s a great author. He’s done a beautiful job …

PB: Which book?

DT: His current book. Just his current book, it’s just out/

PB: Bonfire of the Vanities.

DT: Yes, and the man has done a very, very good job. And I really can’t hear with this earphone, by the way.

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