Adam Kay will send every Tory MP a copy of his book to warn them about Jeremy Hunt

Comedian and best-selling author Adam Kay‘s memoir of his time as a junior doctor, This Is Going To Hurt, was the runaway success of 2017, exposing the stark reality of the strains on the NHS with humour and candour.

In light of the popularity of former health secretary and prime ministerial hopeful, Jeremy Hunt, whose record in office was catastrophic, Adam has arranged with his publishers to send a copy of the book to each Conservative MP, in the hope that they will be swayed from voting for the man who brought about the junior doctors’ strikes by his heavy handedness and failure to listen to those on the front line of NHS services.

This is how the move came about.

In This Is Going To Hurt, Adam wrote an open letter to Jeremy Hunt.

“Roger Fisher was a professor of law at Harvard University who suggested back in 1981 that they should implant the American nuclear codes in the heart of a volunteer.

If the President wanted to press the big red button and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, then first he’d have to take a butcher’s knife and dig it out of the volunteer’s chest himself; so that he realizes what death actually means first hand, and understands the implications of his actions.

Because the President would never press the button if he had to do that.

Similarly, you and your successor and their successors for ever more should have to work some shifts alongside junior doctors. Not the thing you already do, where a chief executive shows you round a brand-new ward that’s gleaming like a space station.

No: palliate a cancer patient; watch a trauma victim have their leg amputated; deliver a dead baby.

Because I defy any human being, even you, to know what the job really entails and question a single doctor’s motivation.

If you knew, you would be applauding them, you’d be proud of them, you’d be humbled by them, and you’d be eternally grateful for everything they do.

The way you treat junior doctors demonstrably doesn’t work. I strongly suggest you seek a second opinion.”

Courtesy of Adam Kay and Picador

Here’s how people have reacted to Adam’s announcement.

Twitter user @davidaw69 only saw one problem with the generous plan.

Source: Guardian
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