Tory leadership candidates as bad taxidermy is the thread from Hell

By now, you’ll be only too familiar with the starry-eyed ingenues who have big plans for the country – or, at the very least, a desire to get their portrait hung in 10 Downing Street. If you’re unlucky, you may also be familiar with the wealth of bad taxidermy that litters the internet, and someone has combined those two awful things in the thread from Hell.

This is where Spaghephanie started her dreadful voyage.

And this is where it led.

Andrea Leadsom

Sajid Javid

Sam Gyimah – already out of the running

Mark Harper a.k.a. “Who?”

Matt Hancock

Esther McVey

Dominic Raab

Jeremy Hunt

Boris Johnson

Finally, in his favourite place at the end of the line, Michael Gove

That’s not what people usually mean when they tell MPs to get stuffed.

After all that work, Spaghephanie didn’t even have a Soundcloud to promote.

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