These are not photographs – 10 mind-blowing examples of hyperrealistic art

Hyperrealism is a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph. Here are 10 examples ranging from oil paintings to drawings with a ball point pen (yes, really!). They are truly awesome, and you’ll be squinting at them to try and find the slightest trace of a brush stroke or pencil line…


  1. Pencil drawing by Paul Cadden


2. Pencil drawing by Franco Clun


3. Watercolour painting by Eric Christensen


4. Ballpoint pen drawing by Samuel Silva


5. Oil painting by Roberto Bernardi


6. Pencil drawing by Paul Lung


7. Oil painting by Steve Mills


8. Oil painting by Robin Ealey


9. Acrylic painting by Jason de Graaf


10. Pencil drawing by Diego Fazio