11 hilarious Tory leadership campaign posters to help you pick a favourite

The race to become the leader of the Tory Party, and therefore the PM, began in earnest yesterday, with ten candidates left standing, It’s like The Apprentice, with just as much bluster, fewer gourmet doughnut brands and far more potential for the UK to end up as a global pariah.

The very funny Phlegm Clandango, over on Twitter, has created some posters for the leadership hopefuls, but we strongly suspect they won’t be clamouring to use them.

Rory Stewart

Esther McVey

Michael Gove

Jeremy Hunt

Dominic Raab

Andrea Leadsom

Sajid Javid

Matt Hancock

The favourite – statistically speaking – Boris Johnson

Kit Malthouse didn’t even make it to the starting line – we wonder why.

Finally, another non-starter – James Cleverly

If any of them want to make Phlegm Clandango their campaign manager, they know where to find him.

Source: @Cain_Unable

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