These 12 excruciating Mumsnet fart stories are a gas

If you aren’t familiar with Mumsnet, it’s a forum where parents can chat about life stuff. If you are familiar with it, it’s still that, because that’s how stuff works. A recent thread started with an excruciating anecdote from someone called numberonecook.

With the giveaway title “Today I farted in the beauticians face”, it went like this.

“Today had to be the most embarrassing day of my life. I’ve had three very loud mouthed children and this has topped any situation they’ve ever put me through. I’ve been eating a plant based diet for three weeks and I’ve lost 9lbs so today I went to treat myself to a pedicure.

The lady was very nice and sat me in one of those massaging chairs. Fancy. She was knelt in front of me scrubbing my feet when the massage chair rolled a pulse down my back. Before I knew it I let rip! Anyone who is plant based or vegan will know plant based farts reek.

OMG I felt awful. I wanted the chair to swallow me up. The lady was most polite and said ‘il just go get my other file’ and walked over to the shelf (probs to get away from my stench). I left a big tip when I paid lol.”

She added “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?”, and the good people of Mumsnet obliged with a deluge of embarrassing anecdotes, many of them about farts.













Once in a while, a fart goes nuclear, like the one in madcatladyforever‘s confession.

Source: Mumsnet

H/T: @mumsnet_madness