Nothing to see here – just North Korean children’s TV bunnies kicking a wolf’s ass

Alistair Coleman has his finger on the pulse of foreign TV, keeping us all entertained with his hilarious updates, such as who are the latest lookalikes:

And the latest sightings of Kim Jong-un’s trousers.

However, one of his latest nuggets is a little clip of a North Korean children’s TV show, in which some cute bunnies absolutely leather a wolf to death – rather than pigs dropping one into a boiling cauldron like in the books.

Was this directed by Quentin Tarantino? Funny tweeter @simonfromharlow had a suggestion for an upgrade.

We’d definitely watch that. The wolf’s misfortune wasn’t an isolated incident, either; here’s a thieving fox getting his comeuppance – and a proper pasting – from a bear.

The fluffy bunnies strike again – this time with an axe and some rocks.

We get it, North Korea – nobody messes with you and gets away with it.

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