The Vita Coco social media manager decided to go big or go home

It can be hard to make your mark as a social media brand manager, because the field is crowded with other accounts giving away free stuff, shoe-horning their brands into current events and starting arguments with similar brands for likes. Coconut water brand, Vita Coco, went above and beyond – or perhaps “below”.

It all started when writer, Tony Posnanski, tweeted this.

Vita Coco had presumably been idly searching Twitter for mentions of coconut, and replied with this nod to Tony’s bio.

Tony didn’t take it lying down, unless he was lying down with his phone – who knows?

Yet, Vita Coco came back with an offer.

Which was impolitely declined.

Now, many brands would have backed off at this point, but not Vita Coco. They doubled down.

Tony was a bit taken aback …

But amused, too. And who can blame him.

When you do something to be proud of – show it off.

Well played, Vita Coco. Well played.

Source: Tony Posnanski and Vita Coco