The far-right campaigner who made a rape “joke” about Jess Phillips got milkshaked

Since Tommy Robinson got hit with milkshakes twice in two days during campaigning in the North West of England, stocks in McDonald’s and Yazoo must have hit the roof, as they now seem to be the medium of protest against the far right. The latest victim was UKIP MEP candidate, Carl Benjamin, sometimes known as Sargon of Akkad, frequently known by less polite descriptions, who was campaigning in Totnes, Devon, when he was hit by the drink.

The aftermath was caught on camera.

We haven’t seen much in the way of sympathy for the man who has doubled down on his position since making a vile rape comment about MP Jess Phillips, whilst claiming it was a joke.

It wasn’t Benjamin’s first encounter with the Devon menu, as he’d previously been pelted with fish.

We’re not sure what flavour milkshake goes with fish – perhaps he can tell us.

Finally, actor Sanjeev Kohli had this hope for the milkshake trend.

H/T: BBC Politics