“Is it worth saving Homo Sapiens from extinction?” – hilariously clueless responses

The United Nations has reported that vast numbers of species are set to go extinct if something isn’t done to combat climate change instantly. With that in mind, Jimmy Kimmel sent out a reporter to find out whether people cared about the possible extinction of one species in particular – Homo sapiens, or “humans”, to give them a more recognisable name.

Cue several people trying to hide the fact that they don’t understand the question:

We were particularly worried about what one woman “saw” a Homo sapiens doing at the zoo:

I saw one once – at the zoo. Furry …big …gorilla-looking. He was picking his watchadilly.

We hope someone called the police.

One man may have unwittingly found the answer to world peace:

“We have to find a way to live with the Homo sapiens in a way where they don’t affect us and we don’t affect them. Kinda like in a separation type of way.”

We should at least try it.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel
H/T: Indy100