This Game of Thrones clip is even better with added Monty Python

We’re all still hooked on Game of Thrones, but where it falls a little short is in its almost total lack of laughs. Alright, we know – it’s not a comedy, but when you see what the Funny or Die people have done with it, it’s obvious that it could be.

We’re not sure how Tyrion Lannister would fare against a flying cow, but he’s yet to succumb to a flying dragon, so he’s probably okay.

Sofi Farías commented

“This is the Queen shaming that was promised”

While Sebastian Milc had high praise, and a quotation.

“The funniest thing I’ve seen today… I fart in your general direction…”

A YouTube user named Karma Fields said

“Next episode:
Arya Stark vs The knights who say Ni”

We’d watch the hell out of that.

Source: Funny or Die