LBC caller says there are too many trans people on TV – can’t name any

There are a lot of trans people in the world, as there always have been, but they are more visible now, since we don’t actually live in the Dark Ages. That doesn’t mean to say they are accepted by all of society, as there are still some people out there who think like this irritated caller to James O’Brien‘s LBC show.

In a discussion about whether it’s okay to comment on the wives of MPs allowing themselves to be paraded as accessories in the media, caller Scott insisted that “traditional family values” are under attack by “liberals”, but when asked for examples, he decided too many trans people appear on TV.

He also said “I think feminism has made women miserable.”, to which James retorted “I’m sure that most of the women you meet do very quickly become miserable.”

He listed: “gay people, trans people, people who want to marry their sisters.” as examples of indicative of the lifestyles being promoted over his unspecified idea of traditional family values. Somebody needs to stay off the dark web.

James encapsulated Scott’s position perfectly:

“You’re furious about the things you can’t name, don’t know and haven’t watched.”

Source: LBC