Actor Reece Dinsdale just owned Piers Morgan in the most perfect way possible

Actor Reece Dinsdale – we remember him from the marvellous ITV sitcom Home to Roost, you might know him from something else – just owned Piers Morgan and it really is a work of art.

It started when the Good Morning Britain presenter said this about Nigel Farage after his lively BBC interview with Andrew Marr.

Dinsdale thought he’d pick him up on it and, well, it all rather escalated from there.

To which Morgan replied with this.

And Dinsdale had the ultimate comeback.


Here’s just a little bit of the love it generated on Twitter.

To conclude …

And in case you’re wondering what it looks like when Piers Morgan is beaten to an award, here he is at the Baftas when Good Morning Britain lost out to Channel 4 News.

And here he is at the National Television Awards.

You could say Morgan’s tweet, ahem, came Home to Roost.


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