Piers Morgan’s angry that Percy Pigs have gone vegetarian – the only 4 responses you need

A lot of people are very upset after finding out that Percy Pigs – they’re pig-shaped sweets and they’re sold by Marks & Spencer, in case you didn’t know – no longer have pigs in them.

Specifically, they no longer use pork gelatine in the recipe, which can only be a good thing, right?

Er, wrong, after it prompted outrage from a whole bunch of people who like to get outraged about this sort of thing.

Here’s what M&S had to say.

“For the last eight years we have been working to help our favourite pig move away from using pork gelatine,” M&S wrote in one response on Twitter. We learned a lot when removing gelatine from our Colin range in 2014, and in 2016 launched our first Percy with our new gelatine free recipe.

“In the three years since, we have progressively introduced the new recipe across all of our Percy range and from May this year we will be able to celebrate that Percy is 100 per cent gelatine free and can be enjoyed by everybody.”

And these really are the only 4 responses you need.