The Daily Show has some hilarious tips for avoiding Endgame spoilers

Right now, the spoiler-dodgers are in a virtual minefield, between Avengers: Endgame, Line of Duty and Game of Thrones, and it’s making it almost impossible to avoid talking about Brexit in workplaces across the British Isles. Luckily, the clever people over on The Daily Show have come up with some tips for avoiding that most terrible faux pas of giving away a plot twist, or worse – hearing one.

The show’s host Trevor Noah and correspondent, Roy Wood Jr., have obviously fixed that problem forever.

Wood: “Here’s an idea. When you introduce yourself to somebody, tell them how far along you are in your favorite shows. Like right at the end, after you tell your gender pronouns. Hello, I am Roy. He/Him, Game of Thrones Season 6.”

Noah: “Hello, I’m Trevor. He/him, Breaking Bad Season 2.”

Wood: “Season 2? Don’t get attached. They all die.”

TheKaiTetley complained,

“Thanks Trevor. You ruined The Sixth Sense for me. Bruce Willis is a ghost? That also ruins the ending of Ghost and Ghost Dad.”

YouTube user, Michael Lombardi commented:

“Avengers may have broken records, but that’s just because Dr Strange watched it 14,000,000 times”

And then there was this tongue-in-cheek (we hope) reaction to the measles joke.

Which is ironic, because of how all the Avengers die of measles in Endgame.

Source: YouTube
H/T: Uproxx

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