A Christian college’s censorship of an art book is next-level prudery

Not even the Mona Lisa escaped the censor’s brush – or perhaps “Magic Marker”.

People found the alterations ridiculous.

“They for real censored the Mona Lisa? Christ there’s nothing shown in the original. It’s the tiniest cleavage line possible.”


“Welcome to puritanical US. We love blood and gore but no titters and no peen.”


“I think i can still see some in the censored one, maybe they should just burka it up and be done with it.”


Imagine having a mind so dirty you can’t look at the Mona Lisa without whipping out your Sharpie.


One commenter had an important point to make.

Sadly, Pensacola Christian College is unlikely to be reading through Imgur.

Source: Imgur
H/T: Bored Panda