This restaurant’s takedown of a guy’s one-star review after if refused to put parmesan on his fish dish is simply delicious

Bad reviews can be very entertaining if they are well written. But even better is a bad review followed by a brilliantly written takedown and this restaurant’s effort – responding to a customer’s one-star review – is best in class.

It began with this chap complained on Trip Advisor that the south London restaurant had refused to put parmesan cheese on his crab ravioli in a cream salmon sauce.

It went wildly viral after it was shared by this person on Twitter …

… and this is what the disgruntled customer had to say.

But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here for the response by the restaurant which was, well, it was lip smackingly good.

Simply delicious!

And here are some of our favourite responses (including one from the restaurant, the Maximo Cafe Bistrot, in Kennington).

But not everyone was persuaded …

You’re barred.


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