How the world reacted to the terrible fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

Instantly recognisable right across the world, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris has been absolutely devastated by an enormous fire which broke out on Monday evening, quickly taking hold of the wooden framework. The cathedral had been undergoing some reconstruction work, with large sections of scaffolding visible around the structure, and there have been suggestions that this may in some way have caused the fire.


Many people, including politicians and historians expressed their shock and sadness at the terrible scenes.


A crowd of people kept vigil over the Catholic cathedral, some singing the prayer to “Our Lady” to whom the building was dedicated.

Actor and writer, Mark Gatiss made an important point about what we should learn from the tragedy.

The thirteenth-century building had survived war, revolution and the ravages of time, but will fire now be its undoing? Historian Dan Snow believes not.

Let’s hope he’s right.

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