How to create Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” – using unconventional “instruments”

If you haven’t heard singer Billie Eilish, you soon will. The American 17-year-old has been producing tracks since 2016, to increasing praise. Her latest song, ‘Bad Guy’, from her debut studio album, is her first to make it into Billboard’s top ten and has been getting a lot of exposure in the UK.

If you haven’t listened to Bad Guy, we recommend you do, partly because you may like it, but also so you can appreciate how hilariously accurate Swedish musical YouTuber, Seth Everman‘s eccentric cover version is.

Here’s the original:

And here’s Seth’s version, complete with rather more hair than he usually sports.

Reactions have been many and varied.

For those of you trying to remember where you’ve heard Seth’s last few bars, they’re from this …

Source: Billie Eilish

and Seth Everman