This exchange with a housemate late paying a bill will strike a chord with anyone who’s ever shared a home

This exchange between two housemates about paying a late bill will take you right back to the joyous days of when you shared a house (or is a chilling reminder of what’s about to happen when you get your next gas bill, depending on circumstances).

It was shared on Reddit by SpiritedDesk and prompted no end of replies.

‘I had a roommate who I gave $150 to pay my portion of the bills and he used that to pay part of his part of the rent. The electric bill went unpaid for months (without my knowledge) and when the power got shut off notice he asked me to help pay the $100+ in late fees and reconnection fee and chip in for the past due amount wich was over $500 at this point and I had given him money for. Same deal with the gas bill, which was lower but the same billshit.’ CleatusVandamn

‘I once knew these 3 people sharing a house, two of them would give their rent and bill money to one guy and he would lie and say he was paying the bills. But he would actually only pay the most bare minimum amount allowed in order not to have anything shut off and he’d pocket the rest.

‘After several months this caught up to him when the services wanted the rest of their money and he had to go to his roommates and ask for money. They were so angry they moved out immediately, sticking him with the bills. He was eventually evicted and spent several weeks sleeping in a tent on the beach.’ ramblinator

‘As terrible as this situation is, I can’t stop reading the first conversation about the blender at the top.’ BrynU

Well there is one upside to the whole thing, we’ve learned a brilliant new word.