The Daily Telegraph’s defence of Boris Johnson’s false Brexit claim is an immense self-own

The Daily Telegraph has been censured by the press regulator over a Boris Johnson claim in which the prime ministerial wannabe claimed a no-deal Brexit was the most popular option among the British public.

The paper has been forced to correct the claim made by Johnson in a Telegraph column in January, after a statistician from Reading complained to industry regulator, Ipso.

Quite right too. Except the thing that really caught people’s eye was the Telegraph’s defence of Johnson and what he has to say each week. It said Johnson was

‘entitled to make sweeping generalisations based on his opinions and that the complainant had misconstrued the purpose of the article – it was clearly comically polemical, and could not be reasonably read as a serious, empirical, in-depth analysis of hard factual matters.’

And this is what people made of that.