The precision of this dance routine is blowing people’s minds

There are certain things that are just inherently satisfying, such as lying back in a warm bath, throwing a balled up discarded page smoothly into the bin across the room, or seeing Michael Gove fall on his arse in Downing Street.

Also satisfying is seeing a complicated thing carried out with precision, such as the Fightin Aggie Marching Band performing a routine or this amazing dance.

Choreographer Nadim Cherfan’s dance being rehearsed by Lebanese troupe Mayyas Group has gone viral because it’s just so impressively precise. The polished finished performance won them the golden buzzer in Arabs Got Talent, giving them an automatic place in the final.

The rehearsal clip has been picking up admirers on Twitter.

The very funny, but presumably not very coordinated, Andrew Nadeau doubted he could be of any help to them.

Same here, Andrew. Same here.

Source: Nadim Cherfan