The takedown of this anti-vaxxer is immensely satisfying and so very, very dark

The only people as passionate as the anti-vaccination lobby – or anti-vaxxers, as they are known – are the people ready and willing to take them down at every opportunity.

And thank goodness for that, not only because it’s important to put these people right, but also because it can be hugely entertaining to watch them do it.

And every so often it’s dark – very dark – and this is just a prime example of that, as shared by Redditor sheepye.

Crikey. Well, we did say it was dark. And here are a few of the comments it generated on Reddit.

‘I aspire to end someone’s life with a sentence.’ NINJAxBACON

‘Jesus this is so fucking savage.’ lunastixie

‘This gave me that rare feeling of happiness you can only get from witnessing such an excellent comeback.’ laviperenoire


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