This woman’s one golden rule for hiring people got exactly the responses it deserved

Here’s someone called Jessica Liebman who’s been hiring people for 10 years and was very keen to share her insight. In particular, her one golden rule for hiring people.

Here goes …

Here’s what she had to say (well, a bit of it).

‘As a hiring manager, you should always expect a thank-you email, and you should never make an offer to someone who neglected to send one. (To be clear, I am not speaking about handwritten, snail-mail thank-you notes. As I wrote back then, you should never send a handwritten thank-you note. That still stands.)

‘The thank-you email reflects two important things: It signals that the person wants the job — or rather, no thank-you email signals the person probably doesn’t want the job … While sending a thank-you note doesn’t necessarily guarantee the person will be a good hire, it gives you the tiniest bit more data: The candidate is eager, organized, and well mannered enough to send the note.’

And she got entirely the responses she deserved, of which these are our favourites.